Sunday, October 18, 2009

School Visit Season...

...has officially begun. I spent three days at schools in Clarkston, WA, then two days in Yakima for the WLMA Conference (my boss Chris Crutcher and I did a censorship panel together, great fun -- thus the photo with this post) then three days in Louisville, Kentucky.
I'm headed for Northern Kentucky the first two full weeks in November, then on to Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Texas, to name just a few of the destinations. And I'm doing a bunch of days in Washington cities including Spokane, Wenatchee and Yakima, along with the more distant destinations.
The work is demanding, I confess. I come home exhausted. But as I struggle to recharge, I am reminded of how remarkable all the kids I get to meet with actually are. Regions and races differ, but the kids -- they remain so much the same. Each of them simply want to learn and laugh and dream, and I feel as if I have the chance to move those things forward when I visit their schools.
School visits tire me out -- actually, airport travel tires me out a whole lot more than the school days do -- but the kids make every minute worthwhile. They love my books, and that enthusiasm means everything to me. As long as they want what I write, I'll keep writing -- and doing school presentations. I'll keep at it for myself and for those wonderful kids!