Friday, July 3, 2009

Are wasps evil, or do they just bite that way?

Okay, I don't know yet if they bite or sting, but I do know it HURTS. I got out of my Rav4, headed for the steps up to my house, when they swarmed me -- only three of them. But one stung while the others scared me back. I had to walk to the far side of my car to get my grocery bag, then I had to RUN up the far side of the stairs as they CHASED me. It's been 15 minutes, and now the site of the bite or sting is bigger than a quarter, as you can see in the BAD picture here.

I love animals, even insects. I think they almost all have their place in the universe. I used to think only headlice might be a legitimate exception. Now I'm thinking these AGGRESSIVE wasps -- not the timid ones, but the mean ones -- might deserve extinction too. Man, they sting -- or bite -- as if they are wielding tiny, shards of broken glass.

Should have skipped the groceries. Now, how do I get RID of them?

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