Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kelly's Curiosities

I can't talk TOO much about it yet, but in the next few months, I'll add something new to my writer's resume -- video episodes.  Thanks to the good folks at MSN, I'll write and play in ten 3-minute explorations of things odd and amazing. 

So my daughter Vanessa (in the photo above) and I have been working really hard to turn our living room into a set for these quirky little news programs, and this is the result.

A lot of that stuff was already on my living room wall.  But we ramped it up pretty high to prepare for the big days (August 29 & 30).  We won't get to see the finished products until the very talented producer, editor and animator add the REAL magic.  But the scripts are finished, and so is this weird backdrop.

It's a little hectic and scattered, like I am.  But it's me -- so very me.  There are four professional reproductions of the four chapter illustrations for TALES OF THE CRYPTIDS -- a gift from the illustrator and my friend, Rick Spears

There is a photo of a mother and baby bat Mary Kay Carson's photographer husband was kind enough to give me -- shot for Mary Kay's stellar book BAT SCIENTISTS.  I love that book. 

There is a drawing of BABY MOUSE that Jenni Holm asked her brother Matthew to draw and send to me.  I can't tell you how much that means to me.

There is a drawing of the upper crust Sasquatch featured in THE SECRET SATURDAYS drawn by the show's creator, Jay Stephens.  He sent it to me because TALES OF THE CRYPTIDS helped him prepare for writing the series.  How cool is that?

Jonathan Auxier drew the fun sketch of Sasquatch chasing ME when we both spoke at the Cavalcade of Authors in the spring of 2013.

There is a tiny bottle of Yeti Cologne courtesy of Lisa Yee and ComicCon, a stain glass rendition of the chick from I BOUGHT A BABY CHICKEN created by my father, a tyrannosaur skeletal representation Rick gave me, two masks Kerry gave me of Pikachu and CatBug, a snaffle bit I used when I had my horse more than 40 years ago, a modest collection of Funko POPS and more. 

Every item represents a part of who I am.  Kelly's Curiosities will, too.  I'll tell you more about the video series very soon.  In the meantime, here's a sneak peek at me as a cartoon character.  You'll see more of cartoon Kelly, too! 

Stay tuned!  The fun has just begun.

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