Tuesday, February 24, 2009

God bless President Obama!

Every once in a while, a leader finds his or her way into office, and the impossible comes within reach. I truly believe President Obama is our miracle -- our bonified leader. And after eight years of George W. Bush, I am so proud and so grateful. God bless this man and help him find the energy and will to transform our nation -- to get it back on track to be the shining nation of compassion and leadership. What a remarkable man.

BTW, the photo is from Vanity Fair, at this URL:



  1. What has he done to base your trust and loyalty on? I was always taught that you know who someone really is by what they do not what they say . . .

  2. I have studied Obama's history extremely closely for the past two years. I have watched him take action and WORK to correct the mistakes of eight nightmarish Bush years. But I believe the combination of intent and action inspires trust. And I trust our new President. He has done nothing to erode that trust. So I'm proud of my post and my stance.