Friday, December 9, 2011

Last but not least...

...I had a talk with my editor at Running Press, Lisa Cheng, this morning. She was kind enough to give me a primer of what her house is looking for, in terms of future acquisitions. To say she'll know it when she sees it is not being unkind -- to her or to me or to US as a writing community. It's simply true. Certain books call out to book buyers, "Pick me up!" and that's what she's after.

HATCHLINGS -- which I found out today will have a textured, padded cover; FUN! -- is one of those books. Stunningly illustrated by Adam Relf, the oversized picture book with an adorable baby dinosaur on the cover is impossible NOT to notice. And each spread inside has that same impact. Lisa saw something in it I didn't even see.

That's the brilliance of this whole team experience -- publishers, editors, art directors, marketing people, sales teams, writers and illustrators. On our own, we're just people trying to make books. But put us all together, and it can be a recipe for magic.

I love the work I do, even on the days when I'm worried about paying my bills. I love it because of the kids. I love it because of the people who love kids. And I feel blessed to be doing what I love, especially this time of year.

Thank you -- everyone who's made my writing life possible. I am forever in your debt.



  1. Adorable! I know the kids at my library would find that cover impossible to resist.

  2. Thanks, Madigan. Wait until you see the inner spreads. They're really beautiful! Hope you and your little patrons love it!