Friday, December 9, 2011


Wow! People like it. They really like it. The Wall Street Journal reviewed IN SEARCH OF SASQUATCH positively (yay!). The LA Times and the Chicago Tribune featured it in their holiday gift book suggestions. And the review journals seem to like it too. Beyond that, I've done several radio appearances for Bigfoot enthusiasts, and THAT was great fun. And I get to speak at a Bigfoot conference in the spring. Yippee!

I am so pleased and so relieved. IN SEARCH OF SASQUATCH is very, very well researched and I hope well written. But it's still risky. Not everyone in the grown up world knows what Sasquatch is. Not every adult is willing to consider the quest for a mysterious beast that may or may not be real as a topic of interest.

I write for kids. And KIDS love the subject. That's why I wrote the book -- that and because I personally found the quest intriguing. The people who believe are so passionate and, to my great surprise COMpassionate. They don't want to mount the big guy's head on their walls. They want to document and protect it, if it turns out to be real. And I think that's a grand message for all readers. Strange things can be of infinite value.

Point is, I'm so relieved that the adults of my industry seem to be in sync with the kids -- and with me. And I'm floating on cloud nine as a result. Thank you, everyone who has been kind in their perceptions of IN SEARCH OF SASQUATCH. I couldn't be more pleased.


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