Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lewis Black, front row/center

Last night, at the last minute, I decided to go and see humorist Lewis Black. He's one of my two favorite comic minds, tied with the late, great George Carlin. I didn't have a ticket. I decided to chance it at the box office. To my great surprise, the clerk handed me a front row ticket, square in the middle of the row. I was dumbfounded -- and thrilled. When I tried to pay for it, I swear this is true, he said, "No, it's on the house." WHAT?

It was a fantastic show. Lewis Black is brilliant, live or taped. And I had a great, great time. But for me, it was even bigger.

I live alone and my kids are grown, so I tend to deny myself things. I tend to do without. I tend to sit home rather than jumping into a crowd of strangers if it's not work related. In fact, I tend to work without play. Last night, I took a chance and broke that tendency. And the results were skyrocket spectacular. So maybe it'll be a little easier to take a chance the next time an opportunity presents itself. Maybe it'll feel less alien the time after that. Maybe there are adventures left for an old lady with a bad knee. It sure is fun to imagine.

Thanks, Lewis Black. You inspired me. I won't call it "hope" -- in your honor (still picturing that tattered little basket). But it was the perfect way to start the new year. Next time, maybe I'll get to shake your hand. Hey, after last night, anything is possible. : )


  1. You blew it!!! After the guy gave you the ticket, you should have asked for a pony, a tiara, and a foot massage.

  2. I've had a pony. I just bid on R.L. Stine's tiera, so what I SHOULD have asked for is knee surgery. Dang. Maybe next time. : )