Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tiara Treasures

I know, I just posted, but I just found this great CAUSE so I had to post again.

Meg Cabot is fronting an online auction -- fun tiaras decorated by various authors and other celebrities -- to raise money in support of the New York Public Library. Each of about 30 people were asked to create their own crown from a common template, and they're fantastic. I love Mo Rocca's Sarah Palin tiara. But I bid on R.L. Stine's masterpiece, so nobody else bid on that one, okay? Kidding. Well, kind of kidding. I really want it. Bob Stine is one of the nicest guys on earth -- once told me I had a great voice -- and he's brave to make a "scary" crown. I WANT that beautiful thing SO BADLY.

Anyway, check it out and bid, bid, bid on all the other tieras right away. And let me know which tiera you like best, okay? I'm really curious.

PS Check out Mo's YouTube video about creating his Palin prize.

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