Wednesday, April 8, 2009

All Better...and on to BATS and BIGFOOT

Thankfully, I never stay sad for long, and I'm on to my next nonfiction adventure -- or two, or three. I have been corresponding with the director of a baby bat rescue hospital, and she's eager to help me tell her story. So I HOPE I will soon have a new proposal about this wonderful conservation effort. More on that VERY soon.

And I got confirmation that I'll be sitting in on the Bigfoot Roundup in Yakima, Washington on May 15 and 16 as research for my new book for Houghton Mifflin. I am THRILLED because so many respected expects will be there. And my illustrator Rick Spears MAY be able to come down over for the Roundup too.

I'll take LOTS of pictures, and I'll share them with you -- at the Bigfoot Roundup and when I go to the bat hospital, of course. And I'm still researching about a dozen other topics for other books yet to come. It's good to feel like my NORMAL self. I'm glad I'm not sad very often.


  1. We have so many bats around my house... they are really cool, and it's a sign of a healthy ecosystem, too. On warm spring nights I can stand out on my deck and go fishing for them. If I wave my hands over my head, they'll dive-bomb at me. In summer, when it's really hot, sometimes I'll go to sleep with my doors wide open (yes... we live in a really safe and remote place), and I've woken up a couple times with a bat flying around in my bedroom.

  2. ... oh, and thanks. Now I know what to blog about today.

  3. How cool. I LOVE bats. If I ever visit, maybe I'll sleep outside so I can watch them as I fall asleep. Too neat.