Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Snow? On April 14?

Okay, I moved to Spokane --in part -- because there were four distinct seasons, including wintery white. But three inches of snow in the middle of April is PRETTY weird. Check out my frosty Bigfoot friend. He's not thinking this is funny. And neither do I.

It is pretty, but they've got half ths streets torn up in my neighborhood so the daily commute is already a little snarled. Mix in a little slush and it's down right uncivilized.

Oh well. I guess REAL spring, assuming we don't just leap into summer sizzle, will be that much sweeter. Here's hoping.


  1. It snowed at my house this morning. April 15. In Southern California.

  2. I know, I give up. It's sunny here today. All the snow is gone. I guess I can live with that. I'll be whining about heat soon enough -- no air conditioning. : ) Oh well.