Monday, April 27, 2009

Censorship blog renewed!

Man, I am never surprised by the ugly head of the censor reared. I've seen it far too often now to be easily phased -- from my high school years to the years I've spent working for Chris. But a very brave librarian is battling censorship as we speak and her foes claim NO book has been banned in this country in over 50 years.

It's probably true that our government has not banned a book in 50 years. But school districts and other "concerned educators" ban books far more often than you might imagine. I've seen Crutcher's books banned repeatedly in the five or six years I've worked for him. And I've seen dozens of other challenged and, yes BANNED again and again and again.

For several years, I kept track of banned books and book challenges on my website. I let it lapse because I got too busy...or so I thought. But this is too important for me to be too busy. So I've stepped back into the box, ready to work.

This afternoon, I collected some book banning documentation and posted it on my OTHER blog. I'll be searching for current and future challenges all over the country from now on, and posting them there. They won't all be banned, thank goodness. Most will be challenged, then set right, because ours is still a nation of laws and the First Amendment and Supreme Court rulings still matter. But I'll get them posted so brave librarians will have a resource.

I'll miss some. I always do. But if you have information I've missed, PLEASE let me know.

It's important. At least it is to me.

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