Saturday, November 21, 2009

Creation Museum in Kentucky

From November 1 to 13 I was in Northern Kentucky speaking at 10 elementary schools and it was WONDERFUL. The people in Florence and Hebron and Burlington and all those small communities were fantasticly welcoming and kind. I am beyond grateful.

While I was there a librarian was kind enough to take me to the Creation Museum -- a place I asked to see -- my idea. I was astonished by the quality of the museum and the exhibits AND I was frustrated at the same time. Because the museum teaches kids that paleontological science is wrong, then creates a fantasy to explain dinosaurs and fossils -- incorrectly.

To each their own. I respect and defend each of our rights to worship our own ways. But I hate the idea of kids being misguided by the stance of the Creation Museum. That said, Northern Kentucky DID invite me to speak in their schools even with my evolutionist mindset. So balance is clearly welcome in the region.

Thanks, Northern Kentucky, for having me, for showing me such kindness and warmth, and for showing me your museum. Agree or disagree, it was a magnificent place.


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