Saturday, November 21, 2009

Word from the Creation Museum

Someone from Crevo Press emailed me to say:

FYI,Per your visit to the Creation Museum, one of your books is in their library: Dinosaur mummies : beyond bare-bone fossils

I'm flattered that my book was included in their library, even if I didn't see it -- or a library. So I reviewed my original post and softened the language a bit. But our differences remain. I believe in geologic time, and I still can't embrace the "truth" served up at the Creation Museum, or its possibly negative impact on kids.

We need the next generation to fall in love with science if we have any hope of remaining a super power or an academic contender in this world, and that's hard to do if religious entities put up barriers. So yes, the museum worries me. But it is, without question, a stunning group of dinosaur exhibits.
Here's the library link CP included:

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