Monday, September 13, 2010

The power of a librarian!

In November, I'm speaking at an SCBWI event and visiting schools in San Diego. To my delight and good fortune, Roxyanne Young is the librarian at one of the schools I'll get to visit. She isn't just telling the kids, "Okay, an author is coming." She's lighting a fire of enthusiasm prior to my visiting.

She's asking the kids to discover my books today -- weeks before my arrival -- to be sure when I land, they'd CARE about the time and experience. She's banking moments that will turn me from a stranger to a friend, even before I get to say my first word.

Thank you so much, Roxy. Thanks to all librarians, teachers, literacy coaches, principals and parent volunteers who take the time and money to bring me to their schools. I do my best, no matter what prep has been done. But when the kids recognize who's about to stop by, the visit becomes so much more valuable to them.

Always, I am grateful.


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