Monday, June 4, 2012

Bothell, WA -- Blue Heron and a murder of crows!

People in Bothell and its surrounding sister cities CARE about their environment.  They protect the stunning Blue Heron rookeries with passion and unyielding devotion.  Watching one of the mated parents launch from their high altitude nesting sights -- the picture of ancient history in sync with the present -- infuses you with the same determination.  Don't ever let this graceful birds lose their protected status in Bothell. 

So they had me on their side from the minute I checked into my hotel.  But it kept getting better, each of the four days I was in the region.  The kids were sensational -- so bright and engaged.  So were the librarians, which explains the kids.  That is always cause for celebration.  
As if all that wasn't enough, I made a discovery the day I arrived.  Bothell had an enormous murder of crows.  More than 10,000, according to one university professor, gathered in various places in Bothell each night to sleep with more safety and more warmth (safety and body heat come with gatherings of great numbers). 

As a kid who grew up intrigued and terrified by THE BIRDS (thank you Mr. Hitchcock), I wanted to see this astonishing act of nature.  Alas, it wasn't to be.  The librarians tried really hard to help me.  And I'm grateful.  But I'd come at the onset of nesting season, so they were off doing other important things.  But here (below) is a picture of what PART of that murder would have looked like, had I found it.  Another year.  I swear, I'll be back just to see that -- and those graceful Blue Heron.

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