Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thank you, New Hampshire!

Completed my last school visits for the 2011/2012 school year on May 22, 23 and 24 in the lovely state of New Hampshire.  The first two days were at the Deerfield Community School in Deerfield, NH.  The third was at Rundlett Middle School in Conchord, NH.  Deerfield was a beautiful little community with the sweetest kids EVER, not to mention a really great librarian named Gina Schonwald. 

She was so kind, she even swung back by her house after picking me up to try and give me a glimpse at a huge snapping turtle that had come into her yard to lay eggs.  I'd never seen one in person, and she took the time to give me a look (except her husband had already moved the big girl to keep their cat from getting "snapped").  I did get to hold one of their freshly hatched baby chickens.  How I love peeps!

After my time at DCS, Nancy Keane picked me up for my day at Rundlett.  It was my second opportunity to visit Nancy's great school, and I couldn't wait.  The kids are so energetic and enthusiastic, I love them.  And they didn't let me down...hopefully, I didn't let them down, either.  : ) 

They created their own cryptids -- mysterious animals -- to win a pizza lunch with me, and man were their creations amazing.

These are just a few of those submitted.  They were all sensational.  One of my favorite kids at the pizza lunch was a great guy named William.  William wore the COOLEST Sasquatch t-shirt (below) and he kept calling me "the ultimate woman" because I liked to write about cool topics like Bigfoot and video games.  But all the kids were sensational.  So was Nancy Keane.
Once school had concluded, we had a whole evening to kill because my flight out of New Hampshire didn't leave until 6:00 am the next morning.  So Nancy drove me to Manchester, NH to do a little ghost research at the famous Palace Theater.  More about that in my next book for Millbrook, GHOSTS.  I got a great story from Deerfield, too, about Blackbeard's 13th wife.  So cool.  I'm loving research for this new book.
Last but not least, Nancy and I had the best grilled cheese sandwiches on earth at Manchester's famous Red Arrow Diner.  Well, it's famous if you're a political junky like I am.  When candidates for national political office visit New Hampshire -- and they all visit New Hampshire -- they grab a bite at the Red Arrow.  Al Gore had eaten at my booth.  How cool is that? 

Bottom line, I had such a lovely visit with my friends in New Hampshire.  Thank you so much for having me, and I hope you'll have me back again.  I really do feel like I've made new friends everywhere I go.

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