Monday, June 4, 2012

Casper, Wyoming

In April, I landed in Casper, Wyoming -- where Dick Cheney grew up.  For twelve years, I lived in Longmont, Colorado and traveled through Casper when I drove to visit relatives in Utah.  And anyone who knows dinosaurs knows the Tate Museum in Casper. 

But it was my first chance to do school visits there.  The people -- both educators and parents -- truly love their kids.  They are fighting for their chance to thrive as students and, eventually, as adults.  It was such an honor to be a short term partner in that endeavor.  And they made the days in Casper fun.  The teacher below was 6'9" tall.  I asked him to let me compare his very substantial feet to the plaster cast of Sasquatch, and he was such a great sport to say yes. 

One school even bought one of my books for each student.  How rare is that?   Thank you so much for having me, Casper!  I'm always here if you need me. 

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