Thursday, June 7, 2012

SCBWI Regional Conference, Portland, OR

Thanks Robyn and Judi for including me as a speaker at your SCBWI regional conference in May.  I had a sensational time for so many reasons.  First, I had no duties on Friday, so I got to attend sessions.  Because I love illustrations so much, I sat in with the artful folks, and what a treat that was. 

 Here is Simon & Schuster art director Laurent Linn is reviewing porfolio assignments at this session, which was astonishing for me to watch.  How I wish I was good enough to illustrate for a pro like him.  He was brilliant and smart and so tuned in to kids. 
 My agent Jill Corcoran was also a speaker, so it was super great to catch up with her and her sensational new assistant, Eve.  Dinner was so relaxing and fun. 

Toward the end of the conference, Laurent shared more of his wisdom, as participant book covers flashed on a screen behind him.  Obviously, this one was mine.  Can't get over how smart this guy was.  Amazing.

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