Monday, June 4, 2012

Oregon, Wisconsin ROCKED!

I closed out March by visiting Christine (Chris) Antonuzzo and the astonishing kids at the Rome Corners Intermediate School in Oregon, Wisconsin.  Spending two days at a single school adds a magic that cannot be matched any other way.  Although each group I saw was made of of kids I hadn't seen before, that second day gave me a familiarity I don't often enjoy.  It feels like MY school, in a way, and the kids have heard about me, may even be looking forward to seeing me.  I see the kids I've already seen in the halls, and the smiles are real and warm.  It's such a rare treat, I always appreciate it.

But it was especially fun with Chris at the helm.  First, we're both munchkins -- short.  Second, we both truly love the kids.  And last, we're both heavily into politics (both liberals).  So after school, Chris took me to the Wisconsin State Capital in Madison, which was amazing, to me. 
Did you know Wisconsin is the Badger State?  My daughter's boyfriend loves badgers.  I had to pose for a picture.  Plus I was hoping to see union busting naughty Gov. Scott Walker, but he wasn't in.  Protestors say he never leaves his office by the traditional routes, but via underground tunnels so he won't have to talk to his constituents.  Who knows?  I love his badger, either way.
 After we toured the capital building, it was time for dinner and I wanted something uniquely Wisconsin.  So Chris took me to The Old Fashioned, a Madison favorite, to get their famous cheeseburger with an egg.  Yes, I mean it.  A cheeseburger with a fried egg perched on top (see below).
The little bits beside this ambitious burger are deep friend cheese grits.  OMG.  I'd never had deep fried cheese, but what better place to try them than Wisconsin?  The burger was good but OH SO MESSY.  The cheese was unlike anything I've ever eaten before.  Like eating cheesy little erasers.  LOL.   Oddly fun. 

Thank you, Chris and all the kids in Oregon, Wisconsin for making my two days with you absolutely fantastic.  Thank you Chris, for the friendship.  Means the world to me.

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