Monday, June 4, 2012

Sasquatch Conference -- May

In May of 2012, I got to head back to Richland, WA to speak at my first Sasquatch conference since IN SEARCH OF SASQUATCH was released.  It was my chance to catch up with the greatest names in Sasquatch investigation to see if they approved of what I'd done with the book.  To my great delight, they were very, very pleased, including the one and only Bob Gimlin (above), of the famed Patterson Gimlin film (below).
Radio host Thomas Cantrell hosted the conference and offered me the speaking slot.  I was honored, but half the people I wrote about were sitting in the audience.  My topics were limited because they were about to talk about the same subjects.  So I mentioned how kids love the idea of a new species surviving in the wilderness regions of North America.  It was a wonderful experience.   After I spoke, Bob and his friend David Ellis pulled me aside to share something special with me.  It was a baby Sasquatch plaster cast, pictured below in my very small adult hand.  Astonishing.
If you could see it the way I could, you'd see the dermal ridges -- like fingerprints on the toes and other parts of the tiny foot, proving it's not a fake footprint.  This is either a very heavy toddler human, or an average weight toddler Sasquatch.  How I hope it's a Sasquatch. 

Thank you, Thom, for including me at your conference.  I'm so grateful.

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